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BIS Overview

The BIS program, or the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program, allows students to combine two specific concentrations of their liking to make a more specific major. Throughout the four BIS core courses (301, 302, 401, 402) that are required, students learn to integrate their specific concentrations in order to fully utilize their major.

The concentrations I chose included International Business Studies and Economics. International Business was brought on because I have traveled all over the world while growing up and I love being in different countries and experiencing different cultures. I would love to continue traveling as part of my future job as well. I chose Economics as my other concentration because I feel that if I were to be working with businesses on an international level, I should have a strong knowledge of how our own economy works. From the BIS program I hope to gain several valuable skills that will allow me to succeed in my future profession.

Core Classes
BIS 301 
Explains and Introduces the concept of Interdisciplinary learning. 
Learn how to properly integrate both of ones chosen majors.
BIS 302
This course required solving problems using interdisciplinary 
techniques. Included group work that focuses on using
interdisciplinary skills to solve the problems.
BIS 401
This is a hands on learning opportunity that allows students to 
learn about there chosen concentrations in an applied setting or 
internship. Both concentrations must be used throughout the 
duration of this on site experience.   	

BIS 402
This core class encouraged me to find and explore my inner archetypes 
and to utilize my non-active ones.The class encourages us students 
to emabrk on our own life journeys and take what we have learned into 
consideration when doing so.