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BIS Concentrations

International Business Studies
Through this concentration I will gain knowledge of the international business
world and how to properly approach conducting business practices in foreign 
World Geography: GCU 121
This class teaches locations of countries, cities, and landmarks world wide.
Also discusses the different cultures that inhabit these areas as well as
religious beliefs that are commonly found in them.
Intro to Travel/Tourism: REC 305
This was part of a study abroad class located in Australia, New Zealand,
and Fiji for an 8 week period. This discussed the geography of different countries,
the effects of tourism on the different economies as well as allowed first hand 
interaction with people in other countries and their cultures. 
Principles of International Business: IBS 300
This class teaches how multi-national firms take on firms in other parts of the 
world as well as teaches Multidisciplinary analysis of international economic 
and financial environment.
Cultural Factors in International Business: IBS 400
Learn how to approach business deals while keeping in mind other countries 
cultures. Also learn about regional approaches to business relations.
Through this concentration I plan to learn about how our own economy works.  
This is important to know and compliments my first concentration very well.  
With a strong knowledge of our own economy it will be easier to conduct 
business in international relations.
Macroeconomics: ECN 111
This is an introductory class to Macroeconomics.  It discusses how to construct 
graphs for different economic purposes as well as teaches basic economic concepts.
Microeconomics: ECN 112
Discusses ways to prevent shortages and what causes them. Introduces other problem
solving techniques as well. Also discusses how the Government is involved in our 
economy and how the markets work.

Brief Calculus: MAT 211
Teaches several different methods of problem solving in calculus including Matrix 
formulas, Guassian Elimination, Cramer's Rule and system solutions.

Economic Development: ECN 360
In this course I will learn theories of economic growth and development 
as well as the role of capital formation, technological innovation, 
population, and resource development in economic growth.
International Trade Theory: ECN 436
This course teaches how to incorporate our country's economy when dealing 
with other countries economies.